[PVE-User] Scheduled backup role fore user

szymon srozanski at task.gda.pl
Tue Mar 22 09:24:39 CET 2016

Is here anybody who know the answer?

Szymon Różański

>In wep panel is feature:
>>PROXMOX WIKI (Scheduled Backup):
>>Backup jobs can be scheduled so that they are executed automatically 
>>on specific days and times, for selectable nodes and VMs/CTs.
>>This is quite configurable and can be done in the Datacenter -> Backup 
>>The job then will try backup all selected VMs on the specified date 
>>and time. If a single backup fails, it will be skipped, the error 
>>logged and the job will continue with the remaining services.
>Which role I should delegate to user to give him possibility of setting 
>up scheduled backup from web panel. I want delegate the lowest rights 
>as possible to get this goal.
>Szymon Różański

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