[PVE-User] pvecm e 1 not working anymore

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Fri Mar 18 14:46:35 CET 2016


On 03/18/2016 02:02 PM, Jean-Laurent Ivars wrote:
> Honestly I don’t see the point of your message, you basically show the
> same as i did, unless the fact that you have tree servers in your
> cluster, my servers are hosted so i’m very sorry but I can’t pull or
> plug a cable…

Yes, but I show you that is working and I said you that it may not work
when using ifdown, as it does not solves your problem it tells you why
your test did not work, and would be valuable for me if I asked a
question to some list. Also  you didn't addressed if you used ifdown?

> Yes in this configuration, i only have a two hosts cluster and I know
> it is not made for activate HA that’s why i do not.

The things you want to achieve point strong in that direction and thus I
said that as a precaution, if you do not plan that you don't need to
feel addressed :)

> And as far as I know I didn’t blamed anyone so I don’t understand the
> tone of your mail. (saying hi, thank or regards doesn’t hurt i assure
> you)

Sorry, I cannot control the tone in which you read my mails and yes for
sure, it helps to say such things if someone wants help for something
for free ;-)
So as you want something from us and not vice versa I don't see your
point, and I hope you don't take that as insult as it really isn't
intended to be.
I wouldn't take it personal if I write a mail without regards/cheers at
the end, i tend to forget that sometimes with no evil intend behind.

> I’m seriously wondering about buying subscription with support level
> and you’re not helping me...

we try, but I can only do that much, further you are here on the PVE
user email list, this is not paid support, it's for PVE users and their

So if you do not can do not trigger any network fallout via
switch/plug/... you can test it by:
* on one node exec
# killall corosync

* on the other
pvecm excpected 1

That should then work and show up correctly.

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