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Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Mar 14 09:00:11 CET 2016


El 13/03/16 a las 01:14, Tonči Stipičević escribió:
> I've just done p2v and VM seems to be working slower than the same 
> physical machine.
> It is (was) w2008r2 SQL server and I tried to optimize it as much as 
> possible : disks images are are in raw format, virtio drivers for disk 
> and net, ...
> I've noticed that whenever some big processing is happening in the VM 
> and CPU goes up to 100% , the host CPU is allsways around 35-40%.  HDD 
> raid subsystem is strong enough (raid10 )and there is very very little 
> iowait .
> How could I give some more CPU to this VM ?
>  This VM is one and only on this host (ex physicall host) .  CPU is 
> xeon 2-core 51xx  3.0GHz
> How could I determine how much "cpu power" I have left ?
>  (vzcpucheck does not work  and I've read that this was only for 
> containers)
> I increased cpu units up to 100000 but nothing changed , gave 2-cores 
> to VM  but no difference
> In what direction should I proceed?
CPU has hyperthreading? Maybe put 3 or 4 cores to the VM then, that may 

Also, you can try to change default CPU type to the same as the physica CPU.


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