[PVE-User] pvesh stops "Bash loop"

Ulrich Hochholdinger Ulrich.Hochholdinger at diva-e.com
Fri Jun 3 11:23:21 CEST 2016

I have a proxmox4 cluster with 3 nodes. Now I wanted to "batch-rename"
all vms with an easy while-loop.

When pvesh renamed a vm on a remote clusternode this loop stops after
successfully renaming a vm on a remote node. For local vms I have no

Content of liste:
/nodes/prox01/qemu/10061/config name1
/nodes/prox01/qemu/11003/config name2
/nodes/prox02/qemu/10001/config name3
/nodes/prox02/qemu/10011/config name4

The loop
cat liste | while read a b ; do echo "=== $a === $b ===" ; pvesh set $a
-name $b ; echo $? ; done

When running this loop on node prox01 it stops after successfully
renaming vm 10061 to 10001. 
Exit-Code is 0

So What does pvesh exactly when it renames a vm which is not on the
local node? It must be something that the loop stops without an error.
This doesn't happen for local vms.


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