[PVE-User] GlusterFS Performance tweak

Gilberto Nunes gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 16:19:06 CEST 2016

Hello list

I have PVE 4.2 and a server act as a GlusterFS storage...

I have just one VM, a KVM Ubuntu machine.
The VM itself works fine.

This VM is our Zimbra Mail Server.

The VM image reside in the glusterfs server, seting up without any
performance tunning, just the defaults options.

But, now, after to migrate amost 1 000 mail account from out old postfix
based server, I encounter some delay when use Zimbra via webclient (Nginx).

Is there some tweak performance that I can do in gluster server or in PVE
server (storage.cfg) to improve write data??

Thanks for any advice...


Gilberto Ferreira
Skype: gilberto.nunes36

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