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Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
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On Wed, 17 Feb 2016 20:12:34 +0300
Mikhail <m at plus-plus.su> wrote:

> Good question. I'm also in process of setting up new production HA
> cluster with iSCSI shared storage over 10Gbit network and I also thought
> of ZFS of course with all it's features. One thing that bothers me is
> that ZFS is known and designed to work well with direct access to the
> drives, which is not about iSCSI of course..
Do you mean iSCSI is not suited for ZFS? I say on the contrary. iSCSI
and ZFS is a match in heaven;-)

Regarding wiki for ZFS over iSCSI: There simply is not more to it -
follow the advice and you are up and running.

As Steffen mentions: A two or three node setup using a Solaris (Omnios
in my case) based ZFS shared storage and the performance is unbeaten.
Steffen uses 10 Gb ethernet while I use Infiniband DDR with this setup
and a proper RAID 10 ZFS should give you:
Random read I/0: ca. 4000 iops
Random write I/O: ca. 1200-1500 iops

Add to this: Life migration, life snapshots, linked clones.

Michael Rasmussen

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