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Steffen Wagner steffen.wagner at cubyte.net
Wed Feb 17 18:29:07 CET 2016

Running it with two-node cluster and dedicated solaris storage with direct attached disks (no HW-Raid).

Performance is awesome.

I had a special issue with direct attached storage (no 10GbE switch inbetween)... i already had openend some bug at bugzilla (and fixed another bug related to snapshots):


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Am Mittwoch, Februar 17, 2016 18:12 CET, Mikhail <m at plus-plus.su> schrieb:

Good question. I'm also in process of setting up new production HA
cluster with iSCSI shared storage over 10Gbit network and I also thought
of ZFS of course with all it's features. One thing that bothers me is
that ZFS is known and designed to work well with direct access to the
drives, which is not about iSCSI of course..

Quick research did not bring anything useful. There's short page at
https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Storage:_ZFS_over_iSCSI, however it is very
general about such setup.

So I guess LVM on top of iSCSI is what I'm going to stick with for now
to setup new HA cluster with shared storage.

On 02/17/2016 07:21 PM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Hello fellows...
> In previously messages, we talk about VM backup and some other stuff,
> until somebody mention ZFS.
> So, since I am very curious about it, I decide open a new thread to
> discuss this subject.
> Can I use a server with Ubuntu + IET iSCSI acting like an storage
> system, and PVE with 2 or 3 nodes, using this "storage" to deploy ZFS
> over iSCSI?? And using this structure to build a cluster and HA solution
> of course...
> Is this a safe environment??
> Somebody has some experience with this scenario??
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