[PVE-User] User experience issues with Proxmox' new webUI ("Summary" pages)

Frank Thommen frank.thommen at uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Apr 29 11:54:46 CEST 2016


I have updated one of our PVE systems from 4.1-1 to 4.1-33 in one go and 
now I am seeing an overhauled webUI (specifically the summary pages). 
While I like the zoomable graphs, I have several issues with the new UI:

a) font and line spacing have changed and are now using more (IMHO too 
much) space on the screen while not becoming better readable. 
Screenspace is valuable and I'd like it to be used as effectively as 

b) the additional space used in the "Status" box and the bigger size of 
the graphs have pushed the second graph ("Memory usage") out of my 
screen (fairly standard 24", 1920x1080).  The old layout (I'm comparing 
with a still running 3.4-6) allowed me to see all the cpu usage and the 
top half of the memory usage w/o any scrolling.  This was very efficient 
and in most cases just the information I was looking for.  To get the 
same information with 4.1-33 I have to scroll down for each vm/container.

c) graph buildup is now "animated" but also considerably slower.  The 
old layout/graphs allowed me to very quickly browse through all 
vms/containers and check cpu and memory "by eye" as text boxes and 
graphs showed up almost instantaneously.  With 4.1-33 I have to wait 1-2 
secs for each vm/container to show the graphs.

d) when by mistake one of the fields in the "Status" box is selected, 
the page always "jumps" back as soon as the page has been scrolled down...

These experiences have been made with openSuSE 13.2 and Firefox 45.0.

Is there is a way to customize fonts/linespacing, graph sizes and graph 
"animations" in the webUI, as to restore its previous great speed and 

On the other hand I think that the following two features could improve 
the overview's efficiency and usefulness a lot:

a) a possibility to zoom into all graphs simultaneously (like Ctrl-zoom 
or similar)

b) graphs which show average and max in a single graph


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