[PVE-User] I try hard but...

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Mon Oct 26 14:50:04 CET 2015


> Well friends...
> I really try hard to work with PVE, but is a pain in the ass...

I´m totaly not agreed with you.

> Nothing seems to work..
> I deploy Ubuntu with NFS storage connected through direct cable ( 1 gb )

NFS connected through 1 GbE? You asked that (bottleneck) a long time ago 
and you was obtained many responses.

> and beside follow all docs available in the wiki and internet, one 
> single VM continue to crash over and over again...

That crash must have a cause: HDDs, network connections, server 
hardware, etc.

> So I realise that is time to say good bye to Proxmox...

Bad decision.

> Live long and prosper...

For Proxmox VE? Sure. :-)

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