[PVE-User] Losing quorum - cluster broken

Nicolas Costes nicolas.costes at univ-nantes.fr
Thu May 21 17:53:10 CEST 2015

Le vendredi 24 avril 2015 13:31:43 vous avez écrit :
> We had a similar issues when we upgraded a few months ago...around the same
> time we moved from cisco 3750s to Nexus 5ks....we had to enable a multicast
> querier on the switch and everything started working again.

I tried to anable a multicast querier on the switch, no improvement.

I just made a fresh ProxMox install, no improvement again :

# pveversion
pve-manager/3.4-6/102d4547 (running kernel: 3.10.0-10-pve)

Any hint, please ?

Nicolas Costes
Responsable de parc informatique
IUT de la Roche-sur-Yon
Université de Nantes
Tél.: 02 51 47 40 29

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