[PVE-User] DRBD over Switches

Joerg Hanebuth Joerg at im-www.biz
Thu Mar 19 19:01:25 CET 2015

Hi Hector,

thnx for reply.

I know  that managed layer 2 switches have a lot of abilities ;)
And that's my apprehension - that he figured out something
that is blocking clean drbd-sync.

Switching this drbd over an unmanaged,
stupid gigabit-switch works well.

But at the moment we plug it in his 100mbit managed switch
drbd get out of sync and fails.

I have the suspicion he will parade me and block something needed for drbd.
Layer 2 Switches can't block ports,
but have the abilities to block broad-, uni- or multicast.

So anyone out there who can answer my question?
Needs drbd any form of casting like
broad-, uni- or multicast to stay in sync?

Gruesse / Regards
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Hi PVE-Users ;)

I got a problem with DRBD over two managed layer 2 switches.

It's a installation at a customer and i cant access the switch-management.

The networkadmin aksed me for special features that drbd will need.
I tried to find out if drbd needs some special kind of castings - like multi, uni or broadcast.
But can't find any concrete in the web to answer him.

Please help.

The default characteristics of L2 switches are more than sufficient. Using VLANs, trunking, etc. I made infrastructure L2 switches and DRBD and worked well.

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