[PVE-User] DRBD over Switches

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Thu Mar 19 18:59:40 CET 2015


> Hi PVE-Users ;)
> I got a problem with DRBD over two managed layer 2 switches.
> It’s a installation at a customer and i cant access the switch-management.
> The networkadmin aksed me for special features that drbd will need.
> I tried to find out if drbd needs some special kind of castings – like 
> multi, uni or broadcast.
> But can’t find any concrete in the web to answer him.
> Please help.

The default characteristics of L2 switches are more than sufficient. 
Using VLANs, trunking, etc. I made infrastructure L2 switches and DRBD 
and worked well.

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