[PVE-User] Latest grub updates in pve-no-subscription

mir at miras.org mir at miras.org
Wed Feb 18 13:39:14 CET 2015

On 2015-02-18 13:06, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> After the latest grub updates I got this warning again, despite having
> installed grub to /dev/sda earlier.
> grub-install: warning: File system `ext2' doesn't support embedding.
> grub-install: warning: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be 
> installed
> in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE 
> and
> their use is discouraged..
> Installation finished. No error reported.
> Generating grub configuration file ...
This reason for this error message is that "you" are trying to make a 
MBR grub installation on a GPT partitioned disk.
To install grub on a GPT partitioned disk you need to have a partition 
of size mininum 1M with type BIOS boot, ef02 or bios_grub depending on 
used partitioning application. Read full explanation and instructions 



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