[PVE-User] Strange problem with connection to kvm-guests

Ulrich Huber ulrich.huber at heureka.co.at
Tue Feb 10 11:36:00 CET 2015



Although using proxmox for quite some time now in different locations, I
encountered a strange problem recently.


We have lost the connection to all kvm-guests within the cluster (3 nodes, 2
operational and 1 spare, using a NFS-Share on a dedicated server as
data-storage). The guests are running fine, I can see the guests in the
process table but neither the GUI nor the command-line shows any guest node.
I cannot create a new guest, either.  


All nodes and the storage are using two NIC, but just one NIC configured as
eth+vmbr, the other one as a plain eth-device. This eth-device is used for
communication with the storage and is running its own subnet.


Did anyone ever encounter this problem yet? And have you got any idea to fix
this in a safe way? 


Best regards



Ulrich Huber

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