[PVE-User] iSCSI mounting local directory

Luis G. Coralle luiscoralle at fi.uncoma.edu.ar
Fri Sep 26 17:40:15 CEST 2014

What disadvantages can bring the following configuration?

Datacenter-> Storage-> Add-> iSCSI
Fill the fields ID, Portal, and remove the checkmark Target LUNs Directly

At this point, I have a new Attached SCSI disk device (eg. /dev /sdg)

I create a file system on the new device, such as ext4
Then I mount the partition to a local directory:
mount /dev/sdg1 /mnt/iscsi-test/

Then I assign the mount point as storage in the web interface
Datacenter-> Storage-> Add-> Directory
Fill the fields ID, Directory, Content

I can then use that to host normally imagnes Storage, iso, backups, etc.

Luis G. Coralle
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