[PVE-User] recommendations for a single node setup

Massimo Santoro massimo at tuxel.com
Fri Mar 7 11:07:16 CET 2014

On 06/03/2014 17:05, Frederic Van Espen wrote:
> Our requirements: - easily create snapshots - easily create backups 
> (perhaps on another external storage) - in case of hardware failure 
> ability to restore on a newly installed node I'd like the list's 
> recommendations and experiences for what to use for the local 
> filesystem. Should we put the disk images in an LVM group? Maybe 
> better to just put them on an ext4 filesystem with qcow images? What 
> about all the fuss around ZFS? Keep in mind we'd like to use both CT's 
> and VM's.

- Use Raid10 (4+ disks). Avoid Raid5 for these reasons: 
- Configure LVM on top of it on the host and configure it on the pve 
storage web panel
- Make simple scripts like this one to create and backup snapshots (even 
on mounted nfs):


# destination backup path (even NFS or other network fs mounted)

# LVM Volume Group path

# we want to be sure that all the LV's are up and available
/sbin/vgchange -ay

#backup vm 101 disk 1
/sbin/lvcreate -L4G -s -n backup-101-1 ${LVMCLUSTER}/vm-101-disk-1
/bin/dd bs=65536 if=${LVMCLUSTER}/backup-101-1 | gzip > 
/sbin/lvremove -f ${LVMCLUSTER}/backup-101-1



Massimo Santoro

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