[PVE-User] New packages in pvetest! Firewall, Html5 Console, Two-factor authentication

Diaolin diaolin at diaolin.com
Wed Jul 23 09:29:40 CEST 2014

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'mbarlumada da la luna

Su 09:08 23/lug/2014, al 09:08, Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com> ha scritto:
>> >> why only in and out and no forward?
>> >> if i have a
>> >> vmbr0 ->eth0
>> >> and
>> >> vmbr1->only versus DMZ and despite not attached to any physical
>> >> interface
>> >>             could i use in and out in the same manner?
>> >>             (in DMZ i have many machines with a different network)
>> >
>> > I don't understand the question, sorry.
>> I mean that i maintain a network OUTSIDE vmbr0 and another on vmbr1
>> vmbr0
>> vmbr1
>> and my question was:
>> When i choose IN or OUT is it INPUT and OUTPUT?
>You talk about IPTABLE chain names?
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