[PVE-User] Planning an HA infrastructure

Philippe Schwarz phil at schwarz-fr.net
Fri Jan 24 10:23:43 CET 2014

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Le 24/01/2014 09:00, Eneko Lacunza a écrit :
> Hi Philippe,
> Maybe you have thought about this, but does it make sense for your
> use case to have a PVE-HA cluster, that is dependent on a third
> storage non-HA server?
> Do you REALLY need the HA capacity?
> I think that the 10 Gbit network connection will help most
> connecting PVE servers with storage backend, be it another PVE
> server or a storage one.
> Cheers Eneko

thanks for your (clever) answer.

I thought i could use the (one of the amazing) features of ZFS (like
zfs send zfs receive) to avoid buying a costly second storage server.
Costly because of the amount of disks.

So having a 2nodes cluster with a master/slave storage SAN, was my idea.

But, you're right: A HA cluster for pve, with a non-HA storage is a

But, i'm not confident with the idea of virtualizing the ZFS storage,
loosing by the way the rock-solid, direct access to hardware features
and self-healing capabilities of ZFS.

Another question:In case of blade system; is the fencing devicing
still useful ?

Ok, let's assume i don't need the HA and will migrate manually a VM.
I'm in a secondary school and can afford a few minutes (maybe hours if
it occurs once a year maximum ..) downtime.

What does it change to my infrastructure questions ?

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