[PVE-User] Planning an HA infrastructure

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Fri Jan 24 09:00:57 CET 2014

Hi Philippe,

Maybe you have thought about this, but does it make sense for your use 
case to have a PVE-HA cluster, that is dependent on a third storage 
non-HA server?

Do you REALLY need the HA capacity?

I think that the 10 Gbit network connection will help most connecting 
PVE servers with storage backend, be it another PVE server or a storage one.


On 24/01/14 08:30, Philippe Schwarz wrote:
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> Hi, i'm gonna get a few bucks to build a brand new HA cluster.
> I'm afraid that the price of the whole solution will be more than that
> we can afford in a single year; so it'll probably be a two-steps building.
> I'm facing many questions.
> The switch (L3 one from HP) will maybe (Neither can i be sure, nor can i
> modify the decision....) be 1Gb only ports.
> A full-HA cluster would, ideally be made of 2 HA-pve servers and 2
> redundant SAN servers. No way; it'll be too expensive for us.
> I can expect only 3 servers, or 2 huge servers.
> So, i'm planning to build one of those two solutions :
> - - 2 PVe servers with HA and DRBD for disk mirroring
> - - 2 PVE servers with HA and a third one for storing VMs (mainly VM, but
> CT too). The SAN would be Amd64/Napp-IT/omniOS, exporting VM with NFS
> (probably)
> I know i'll have to find a third (or fourth) machine to avoid building a
> 2 nodes cluster (because of the quorum bug).
> Both with either 10GbE with crossovers cables or bonded 1Gb cards.
> Among my questions, here are the first ones :
> 1.  If the core-switch has no 10Gb port, is it possible to avoid using
> it ? I'd plan to do so :
> - -SAN with 2x10Gbe, one for each PVE server, connected with crossover
> cables (so, a single crossover link between the SAN and each PVE)
> - - pve with bounded (lacp mostly) 1Gb cards to switch for VMs.
> - - 2 crossover cables for fencing
> - - 1 crossover cable for heartbeating
> 2. Unix philosophy : Kiss !(Keep It Simple and Stupid).
> Let's assume i won'tr go further than a 2-node cluster (In fact, two
> real nodes; it'll be a three nodes because of the quorum bug)
> So, 1 SAN (SPOF) with 2 PVE is more complicated than 2 PVE with drbd,
> isn'it ?
> But, i'm far more better at using ZFS than drbd or lvm or drbd+lvm...
> So, i'm not sure a 2 nodes cluster with lvm+drbd would be more simple
> for me..
> 3. Are there any brand i should stay away from concerning the NIC ?
> (Excepet The Realtek, of course)
> I'll probably use any 10GbE Intel Dual copper card.
> 4. Because of the 2-steps path of my cluster-building, i'll have to stay
> a long time (maybe 1 year) with a non-complete solution, are there any
> issue i could face, or is it completely impossible to use this
> 3-wheels engine.
> 5. Blades
> I may afford to buy a bladecenter (either from Dell or HP).
> In that case i get rid of the complicated communications between the
> SAN and the PVE, using the built-in high-bandwith communication
> backplane, don't i ?
> I've never seen any blade. Are the NICs connected to the blade
> enclosure or does any blade have their own NICs?
> Many questions, but i'm pretty sure they're not the last ones ,-)
> Thanks
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