[PVE-User] problems with 3.2-beta

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Feb 8 19:43:50 CET 2014

On 14-02-02 12:00 PM, Adam Thompson wrote:
> Overall, the Ceph GUI is great.  I actually got Ceph up and running 
> (and working) this time!  Syncing ceph.conf through corosync is such 
> an obvious way to simplify things... for small clusters, anyway.
> I am seeing some problems, however, and I'm not sure if they're just 
> me, or if I should be opening bugs:
> 1. I have one node that's up and running just fine, pvecm claims 
> everything's fine, but I can't migrate VMs that started somewhere else 
> to it - migration always fails, claiming the node is dead. Nothing 
> unusual appears in any logfile that I can see... or at least nothing 
> that looks bad to me.  I can create a new VM there, migrate it 
> (online) to another node and migrate it back (online, again), but VMs 
> that were started on another node won't migrate.
> 5. Stopping VMs with HA enabled is now an *extremely* slow process... 
> If I disable HA for a particular VM, I now notice that Stopping also 
> produces a Shutdown task, and it takes longer than previously, but not 
> unreasonably slow.  I don't understand why Stop isn't instantaneous, 
> though.  I notice that typing "stop" into a qm monitor also is slow... 
> the only way I have to rapidly stop a VM is to kill the KVM process 
> running it.
FYI: Completely shutting down all four nodes (note: the last two refused 
to shutdown cleanly, I had to remove power) and rebooting them seems to 
have solved both these problems.

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