[PVE-User] Planning an HA infrastructure : Hardware

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Mon Feb 3 17:25:24 CET 2014

Hi Philippe,

Please take into account I have never administered such a system (always 
simpler ones).

On 03/02/14 16:23, Philippe Schwarz wrote:
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> Le 24/01/2014 08:30, Philippe Schwarz a écrit :
> Asked many questions and had a few answers (thanks to elacunza).
> But a single thread seems to be a no-go. I'm gonna slip it
> Hardware relative questions :
> I've got different offers from my reseller. Among many solutions, i've
> got two in the last race :
> 1. A pair of Dell MD1200 (Disk enclosure with 12 SAS disks  in a
> stripped mirror) connected with SAS cables to each of the blades
> (M620) in a M1000E enclosure.
> Pros :
> - -Simple
> - - Max IOPS
> - - Each storage is local for proxmox's point of view (Am i wrong ??)
> Cons:
> - -Difficult to scale : Up to three blades, it could be easy but after 4
> ou 5 blades, there won't be enough ports on the SAS disk enclosure.
MD1200s 12 disk limit seems to fit quite nicely with 4-5 blades (2-3 
mirrored disk each). Maybe you can scale-out having multiple proxmox 
clusters, each with his blades and disk enclosures. This gives you a 
cheaper start and more I/O bandwith.

I'd chose this, but don't know what growth you expect for the cluster... 
also knowing what type of I/O do you expect would help. If you expect 
high I/O then you should consider less VMs per disk...

In my experience usually the limit you hit first is disk I/O, especially 
with spinning disks...

Just my 0.01¢


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