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Le 24/01/2014 08:30, Philippe Schwarz a écrit :
Asked many questions and had a few answers (thanks to elacunza).
But a single thread seems to be a no-go. I'm gonna slip it

Hardware relative questions :

I've got different offers from my reseller. Among many solutions, i've
got two in the last race :

1. A pair of Dell MD1200 (Disk enclosure with 12 SAS disks  in a
stripped mirror) connected with SAS cables to each of the blades
(M620) in a M1000E enclosure.

Pros :
- -Simple
- - Max IOPS
- - Each storage is local for proxmox's point of view (Am i wrong ??)

- -Difficult to scale : Up to three blades, it could be easy but after 4
ou 5 blades, there won't be enough ports on the SAS disk enclosure.

2.The same pair of MD1200 connected to a blade, acting as a ZFS-SAN
for the other blades and exporting (NFS or iSCSI) the storage content
in an external 10 Gbe connection.

- - Easy to scale
- - Euh...ZFS ;-)

- - More complicated
- - Less IOPS due to the 10Gbe link
- - More expensive (1 10GBE/blade+1 for the SAN+1 10GBE switch)

Yes, i'm aware of the SPOF made of the SAN or the enclosure, but i can
live with it and have no budget to double this.

What are your opinions toward one or the other of those solutions ?

PS : Could be an HP material instead of a Dell one.

Best regards.

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