[PVE-User] How is the default Proxmox partition layout? I am confused by a 16MB partition now.

Bruce B bruceb444 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 22:41:42 CEST 2013


I have chosen to not extend the LVM but rather create another one. So far,
I deleted the partitions on /dev/sdb/ and created two new partitions. I
also did pvcreate and vgcreate. I can see the second HDD now on Proxmox GUI
under Storage > Volume Group. But I am afraid to install it there as I have
not run "lvcreate" yet.

Also, I am not sure what to chose for ID, Base Storage, Volume Group,
Nodes, Enabled, Shared....when I add storage.

Can you please shed some light on above or refer to proper wiki page?


On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Eneko Lacunza <elacunza at binovo.es> wrote:

>  Hi Bruce,
> On 23/09/13 16:26, Bruce B wrote:
>  Nice command! Gives the whole picture at once.
>  root at prox1:~# pvs
>   PV         VG   Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree
>   /dev/sda2  pve  lvm2 a--  931.01g  16.00g
>   /dev/sdb2       lvm2 a--  931.01g 931.01g
>  Does that ^^^ mean I have 1TB of free space which I can use? :) If so,
> how should I go about adding it to Proxmox. I would like to take the
> *Safest* and *Simplest* way possible.
>  Yes, you have a not used disk. If you want to add it to Proxmox VM
> storage, you should (first explore commands with -h flag!!!):
> 1. Add the PV to pve volumegroup (something like 'vgextend pve /dev/sdb')
> 2. Change size of LV for data in PVE, i.e. 'lvextend -L +915G
> /dev/pve/data/'
> 3. Resize filesystem, i.e. 'resize2fs /dev/pve/data/'
> You can do all commands without unmounting the filesystem if you have used
> Proxmox defaults (ext3/ext4 filesystem)
> I don't know what are you using the server for, but remember that you
> don't have data redundancy (raid1).
> Cheers
> Eneko
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