[PVE-User] Supported configuration question

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Mon Sep 16 20:44:10 CEST 2013

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>> Little point, raid cards are superior, more reliable and faster and cheap.
> And if they die, there is nothing you can do but trying to get exactly the same 
> controller again. Hardware fails and it's just a matter of time.
> Software RAID may be not everyones darling, but it is reliable. The performance 
> heavily depends on your setup (and it's not a good choice if you need many IOPS). 
> And by the way: I really like LSI and some other RAID hardware manufacturers, but 
> what I even more like is having a choice. ;-)
> Marco

Of course, PVE team cannot support all kind of storage systems out of the box.

My PVE local storage evolution was the following:
- Linux software raid1(0) (never had a problem)
- Hardware raid (orbital sucks with hw raid10 -> unexplained by the hardware vendor, never again)
- ZFS on linux with L2ARC/ZIL -> working very well with PVE.

Advantages for me:
- snapshots, no more 4-8 hours backup with hanging virtual machines -> 100% uptime,
- copy snapshots over the network using zfs send/receive,
- consistent data on the disk, there is no fsck after a crash or long runtime,
- seems similar or better performance than hw raid10
- I do not need any kind of HW raid card.

So, technically you can adjust proxmox as you need. If one not a tech. genie, no problem, just follow the mainstream: a supported hardware raid card + some disks and that's all.


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