[PVE-User] Verbindungsfehler 401: permission denied - invalid ticket

Leitstand_1 Service Leitstand1 at padcon.de
Wed Oct 30 17:03:28 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to proxmox. I was testing proxmox for a while. But now I am a sort of confused.
I had an power outage in my home and it affected my testing system as well. So the physical machine was shut down in the very hard way. I started the server, but I the VM's didn't start.

Now I am trying to get them running again to check if they have been damaged. The Linux and the web surface are loading correctly. After logging in over the web frontend the fault "Verbindungsfehler 401: permission denied - invalid ticket" is prompted and I cannot skip it.
I can log into linux (as I got physical access to this machine). Trying to start my VM's by using "qm" failed as well.

Can anyone give a hint where the fault could be found? I would love to continue using my existing installation of proxmox.

Thank you very much.
With Kind regards
Andreas Witte

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