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Alexandre Kouznetsov alk at ondore.com
Wed Oct 30 15:44:07 CET 2013


El 30/10/13 07:30, rob escribió:
>   It looks like pve backup puts a file to /etc/lvm/archive  for each
> snapshot back up. The not too hard to figure out clue is this line:
> description = "Created *before* executing 'lvremove -f
> /dev/pve/vzsnap-dell-1-ib-0'"
Actually, it's not PVE who puts the backups there, but LVM tool set 
itself. Not on snapshot but on lvremove event, done over snapshot or a 
regular volume. Very handful, saved my ass a couple of times.

>   My question - are those auto purged ?
Yes, after 30 days as default.
In my case, in one of my servers with LVM storage I observe 2040 files 
under /etc/lvm/archive (I do lot of snapshots daily as part of the 
backup process and delete them almost immediately). The oldest ones are 
from 2013-10-01.

Quote from 
3.4. Logical Volume Backup

"Metadata backups and archives are automatically created on every volume 
group and logical volume configuration change unless disabled in the 
lvm.conf file. By default, the metadata backup is stored in the 
/etc/lvm/backup file and the metadata archives are stored in the 
/etc/lvm/archive file. How long the the metadata archives stored in the 
/etc/lvm/archive file are kept and how many archive files are kept is 
determined by parameters you can set in the lvm.conf file. A daily 
system backup should include the contents of the /etc/lvm directory in 
the backup. "

Some additional reference:


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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