[PVE-User] Updates for Proxmox VE 3.1 - including a new ISOimage

Angel Docampo adocampo at dltec.net
Tue Oct 29 14:48:55 CET 2013

El 29/10/13 14:43, Pongrácz István escribió:
> This is a completely fresh installation with never-used-ip address, I 
> think the cache is not a problem.
> I checked the package and module list, there are not spl and zfs 
> modules in the kernel, nor the zpool/zfs commands to manage zfsonlinux 
> volumes. As I checked the sourcecode, I found zfs related storage with 
> iscsi.
> As I use zfsonlinux with proxmox on debian, I have some experiences 
> with it, so, I am sure, pve does not support zfsonlinux on local 
> machine (yet).
> Bye,
> István
What a pity...

I use glusterfs on top of zfsonlinux, so it would be nice. But 
zfsonlinux needs a 3.2+ kernel to correct some important bugfixex and 
memory leaks, and I don't know if pve-kernel has those corrections.

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