[PVE-User] efficient backup of VM on external storage.

Fabrizio Cuseo f.cuseo at panservice.it
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Hello Muhammad.
I am using Proxmox since one year with Ceph storage cluster; depending on the performances you have on your external storage, ceph could be little slower, but you have "embedded" real-time replica and linear scalability, so you can consider using it.
Don't worry for setup... is really simple ! 

Regards, Fabrizio 

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Oggetto: [PVE-User] efficient backup of VM on external storage.

i have never worked on external storage just worked on drbd on local storage/system drives. 

Scenario is: 
for example. i have two external storage and 1 Proxmox Machine. 
i am using 1G NICs to connect all nodes 

the storage are connected to each other from another link but no replication done b/w storage boxes mean they are no failover to each other. and both the storage are connected to Proxmox. i am using primary storage to run 3 machines on NFS or iSCSI. note that machine are running on primary storage over a single 1G ethernet link/single point of failure. 

now lets say. i want VM1 backedup to secondary storage. however i dont want my backup traffic to effect my primary link where 3 machines are active. 

any suggestion to achieve that. 


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