[PVE-User] Official proxmox support by Supermicro motherboards

Thinker Rix thinkerix at rocketmail.com
Thu Nov 7 17:48:10 CET 2013

Hi all,

I called Supermicro today, asking them about their OS compatiblity list. 
I wanted to know if they could tell me the exact Linux kernel version 
that starts supporting their motherboard type, since they only list some 
selected distributions (Red Hat, openSUSE, Ubuntu, etc.), instead of the 
precise kernel version.
They then explained me that the reason for them to do so, are the great 
differences of the kernels used in the different distros, due to massive 
patching that the distros do. Therefore they test their motherboards 
with the distros most of their customers use and publish the precise 
result, instead of a generic kernel version.
I then suggested them to add Proxmox to their official list, since - as 
a virtualization platform - it should fit perfectly into their 
professional server motherboard target group. To my surprise the service 
manager told me that he sees in his database that indeed, already a 
couple of customers have suggested Proxmox and that they very well take 
notes of such suggestion. So if the amount of customers asking for 
Proxmox should further increase, chances are high that they will add it 
to their support list in future.

So: Should you talk to anyone of Supermicro in the future, don't forget 
to tell them that you use Proxmox and that you suggest them to add it to 
their official OS palette! This would be a) a very good promotion for 
Proxmox and b) help us buy new Supermicro motherboards in future, since 
we could check for compatibility in zero time!

Thinker Rix

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