[PVE-User] Proxmox and NAS4Free

Paul Gapes Paul.Gapes at wfa.org.nz
Mon Feb 25 22:46:47 CET 2013

Most definitely of interest thanks Michael.

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Fábio Rabelo <fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br> wrote:

> Someone uses NAS4Free as storage for Proxmox ?!?
I have tried most of the NAS solutions out there, and then some more:-)

NAS4Free: Stable but the GUI is not so polished. NFS is fine but ISCSI sucks. Based on FreeBSD 9.1. Developed by an OSS community.
FreeNAS: Stable and a nice GUI. NFS is fine but ISCSI sucks. Based on FreeBSD 8.3. Backed by a company so payed support is available.
Openfiler: Project is abandoned.
Openmediavault: Very young and more or less a one mand project. Quit stable but not a race horse. Based on Debian Stable.
FreeBSD: Same problem, and who wonders, as with FreeNAS and NAS4Free.
Developed by an OSS community.
OpenIndiana with napp-it: Same as with all the FreeBSD based systems, horrible ISCSI performance on-top of ZFS.

But we seems to have a winner:
Ominios with napp-it: Blazingly fast ZFS and rock stable ISCSI as well.
I am in the middle of conducting a serious performance test which I gladly will publish on this list/forum if somebody wants to read it?

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