[PVE-User] SAN recommendation.

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Thu Aug 22 19:10:47 CEST 2013

2013/8/22 Thiago Oliveira <cpv.thiago at gmail.com>

> I´m using the FreeNas (freebsd) with microserver HP N40L with RAID 5 1 TB
> 7200 rpm SATA.
> It´s pretty good, good performance and very stable!

Sorry, RAID5 are not ZFS ...

In one customer I have 12 4TB Western Digital SATA drivers in RaidZ3 and
128 GB of RAM .

In another one I have 16 2TB Western Digital SATA drivers in RaidZ3 too,
with 256GB of RAM .

Both uses Opteron Supermicro Boards and SATA Chassis .

Both uses IBM SAS1015 controlers ( flashed to IT mode ) with SAS to 4 SATA
cable adapters .

I did not changed any hardware, and Freenas and Nas4free where not stable

OmniOS+Napp-it  are ...

Fábio Rabelo
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