[PVE-User] iscsi storage array is reporting errors when is defined trough web interface

Martin Krpata martin.krpata at ou-nem.cz
Wed Sep 5 14:36:27 CEST 2012


i have GigastorATX - iscsi storage. It has 8x1Gbps ports and 16 slots 
for sata disks. I want to have 2 proxmox HA server (3 nodes=1 for 
quorum, 2 HA). On 2 HA servers iscsi storage with shared LVM.

My test was: setup ethernets, switch, setup gigastor iscsi storage, add 
trough web interface iscsi storage, no direct lun, prox1 and 2 servers, 
connect. (it generate configs in /etc/open-iscsi/...) iscsi is connected 
running, but gigastor report errors (bellow). Remove from web interface, 
configure iscsiadm, connect on both servers, all ok, but is not defined 
iscsi storage on web interface (/etc/pve/storage). Add iscsi storage to 
web interface, gigastor report errors again.

With defined iscsi in web interface and //etc/iscsi.d/open-iscsi stop/ 
does not stop error reports - just disconnect from iscsi. But prox still 
try open tcp socket to iscsi without open-iscsi running, how it is possible?

It looks like proxmox is connecting to storage trough some direct 
command? How can i fix error reports, do not define iscsi in web 
interface, only lvm? - storage - server 1

*Cycling errors on iscsi storage (10s timeout), socket number is 
increasing (sample is socket 262):
//Open Socket Request//
//Target, Initiator, Socket 262//
//Sequence ID//
//Target TCP Port//
//Target IP Address//
//Initiator TCP Port//
//Initiator IP Address//
//TCP TxIscsiCloseInd//
//Skt:262:: Tx Close Indi. to iSCSI//
//Sequence ID//
//Skt:262:: Tx Close Indi. to iSCSI//
//07 00 01 06 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........|......../

Close Socket
TCP FIN, Socket 262

Sequence ID
Target TCP Port
Target IP Address
Initiator TCP Port
Initiator IP Address
Close Reason

Thanks for any help,
Martin Krpata
Czech Republic
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