[PVE-User] How to duplicate a container?

mans.aman at riverman.com mans.aman at riverman.com
Tue Nov 20 17:13:31 CET 2012


In general what Bruce B said was right, but perhaps not so very 

> 3. Change 106's IP configuration.

This step could be 2 steps if not configured for DHCP:

3a. Change MAC-Address of network device (done in web GUI)
3b. Change configured IP-address

But in more detail:

1. Make a backup of current VM.
2. Go to 'backup storage' click on the new backup and press the restore 
3. Choose a new VMID (not used by other vm) start restore.
4. (When restore has finish) In tree view, click on the new VM, then on 
the 'Hardware'-tab
5. Choose 'Network Device' press Change button.
6. Give the device a new MAC-address, save settings by pressing 
7. Go to Options-tab and change name of the VM.
8. Change IP-configuration inside VM by the method that fits you best:
   a. Start the vm and connect through Proxmox Console and change the 
   b. Mounting f.ex: vm-106-disk-1.raw and change configuration by 
editing files directly on mounted disk.
9. Now you can start your duplicated VM!

If VM that was duplicated was configured for DHCP method option a. is 
perfect! But if it was configured with static IP you can get 
interference at the original VM during configuration changes.

I could do exactly as described above (and only by using the web GUI). 
The VM started as it should!


2012-11-20 15:47 skrev Simone Piccardi:
> On 11/15/2012 10:38 PM, Måns Åman wrote:
>> I can confirm that described procedure works great also with CTs!
> I'd like to warn that instead it does not work at all for K(VM). The
> "cloned" machine will have same IP and same MAC address. So you need
> to remove the network interface of the cloned machine, then reassign 
> a
> new network interface and then a new IP (this one not so easy to do
> offline, I had to loop mount the disk image ...)
> Simone

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