[PVE-User] Problem proxmox 2.0 to forward vmbr1 to eth0, eth1, eth2 VM

maykel at maykel.sytes.net maykel at maykel.sytes.net
Mon Mar 26 11:41:36 CEST 2012


El 2012-03-26 11:34, Flavio Stanchina escribió: 

maykel at maykel.sytes.netwrote:
>> Hi! I have installed successfully
proxmox 2.0 in my server. It has four network cards: [...] vmbr1 Link
encap:Ethernet HWaddr 3c:4a:92:7c:4d:b9 inet addr:
Bcast: Mask: vmbr2 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr
00:26:55:ea:3d:48 inet addr: Bcast:
Mask: vmbr3 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:26:55:ea:3d:49 inet
addr: Bcast: Mask: [...] And now,
ping to physical network card in theory:
root at virtual1:~# tcpdump -i vmbr2 icmp ----->>> Not show anything But in
vmbr1 yes...
> Your network configuration doesn't make sense. You
have three network 
> cards on the same subnet and you say the cable is
not connected on vmbr2 
> and vmbr3, so the behavior you see is entirely
normal and certainly not 
> a bug in Proxmox VE. Packets to
and .27 will never traverse 
> the physical network interfaces that own
those address if the cables are 
> not connected, I think that's
> I suggest to test a similar network configuration on two
> machines before trying it in a virtualized environment with
> additional complexities of bridging and virtual networks.

Flavio, thanks for your response. 

The idea was to connect:

vmbr0 -->

vmbr1 --> LAN

vmbr2 --> WAN

vmbr3 --> WAN

But even with the same
range of ips in vmbr1, vmbr2 and vmbr3, if there is a cable not
connected vmbr3 vmbr2 and should not answer to ping. Do not you think?

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