[PVE-User] HPSA NOT a kernel bug

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalitnord.com
Fri Mar 16 16:26:17 CET 2012

Il 01/03/2012 10:27, Alessandro Briosi ha scritto:
> Il 29/02/2012 20:59, Holger Ernst ha scritto:
>> Pls do so. I installed a similar machine (DL180 G6) last weekend and
>> would like to hear about a solution (but have not seen the problem so
>> far).
>  From my investigations so far it does not seem to be a kernel bug, but
> either hardware or firmware problem.
> I'll report what comes out.
> Alessandro

just to confirm that it was a hardware problem, the cache module of the 
drive array.

Part was replaced and everything is fine now.

Sorry for the fud.

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