[PVE-User] 3 proxmox 2.1 servers, 2 switches, HA

Andrew Eross eross at locatrix.com
Tue Jun 19 16:52:42 CEST 2012

Ah gotcha, sorry I missed that bit.

Yep, well, I can say that the config I mentioned before with active/backup
mode works great for the switch 1 primary to switch 2 fail-over part.

I've implemented that, tested it, works fine.

I haven't then tried doing the same with 802.3ad aggregated ports
underneath, but I'll be curious to hear from you if that works =).

That forum post you mentioned is specifically assuming the switches are
logically stacked as well in most of what that guy is saying.

The most relevant comment is the first line:
The main reason is that the failover on the "super bond" won't happen until
all ports in the 802.3ad aggregator in the "sub bond" have failed. So, you
could be down from three ports to one, and no failover will occur.

That's true. If you use (bond0=switch1 and bond1=switch2 ) as an
active/backup together = bond3, technically it won't fail-over from switch
1 to switch 2 just because 1 of the 2 links is down on switch 1.

But I don't think that should stop you.. I mean it depends on what you're
worried about protecting. The switch power supply is what is most likely to
break, not an individual port, and if that happened then it would fail-over
to switch2 at full bandwidth.

Worst case only one of the two ports on switch1 dies (or 1 of the nic
cables gets pulled etc), but then still you'd just be at half bandwidth
until it gets fixed.

Good luck!


On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 7:43 PM, Patrice Levesque <pve.wayne at ptaff.ca>wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> > I'll just mention that I've gone through a similar exercise recently
> > and setup pretty much the same network config you have outlined.
> >
> > The main thing to be aware of is that you can't use 802.3ad and link
> > aggregation unless the switches are stacked (e.g. using whatever
> > proprietary cisco/hp/etc tech) so that they are one logical switch.
> Thanks for your quick response.
> Possibly my initial mail lacked clarity, I just want to make sure it's
> clear I have 2 ethernet connections to *each* switch.  Should I
> understand that I cannot use 802.3ad to bind two ports together to each
> switch?
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