[PVE-User] 3 proxmox 2.1 servers, 2 switches, HA

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalitnord.com
Tue Jun 19 13:39:49 CEST 2012

Il 19/06/2012 00:43, Patrice Levesque ha scritto:
> Hi Andrew,
 > ...
> Possibly my initial mail lacked clarity, I just want to make sure it's
> clear I have 2 ethernet connections to *each* switch.  Should I
> understand that I cannot use 802.3ad to bind two ports together to each
> switch?

Imho this is not the correct solution, as it could make sense if the 
switches were staked. But afair it can be done (I mean a bond mode 6 of 
2 802.3ad bonds ).

I don't know many details but how would you cover a Router1 failure?

I'd use an IP level solution for this, but it all depends on the 


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