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Gilberto Nunes gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 18:30:06 CEST 2012

So, let me see if I understand that!...

If I deplot 2 servers, with DRBD, as Primary/Primary, with one VM, and
active the HA, and join that VM into HA System, when I force shut off the
primary hardware, ProxMox will start the VM on other side???

That's right??

2012/7/28 THe_ZiPMaN <flavio-pve at zipman.it>

> Please, answer on the list, because every mail sent to this specific
> mail address, and not arriving from the list manager, is flagged as spam
> and used to train the filters. I found your mail only because I was
> cleaning the Junk folder.
> On 07/28/2012 04:45 PM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> > Ok OK...
> >
> > I get and I agree with every single word....
> > But, the more important to me now is know that: HOW CAN PACEMAKER OR
> Why should you trigger a script? To restart the virtual machines on the
> node alive? If this is your need I can only point you again to the
> documentation. It's Proxmox itself, using the corosync services, that
> takes care of restarting the machine on the node alive.
> If your need is for other scripts (i.e. you must switch an IP from one
> node to another or such other things) then you can modify the
> configuration of corosync-pve in the same way you'd do with corosync but
> changing configs (IIRC, I cannot check right now) under the /etc/pve tree.
> > Here I have two hardware, and I set DRBD to work as Primary/Primary
> > mode, right?
> Yes.
> > What I need, is that corosync or pacemaker, trigger a script on my
> > "alive" hardware, in case of failure... You see???
> No, I cannot see.... My understanding is that you would like to manage
> proxmox 2.x in the same manner you would have done with proxmox 1.9.
> My point is that you cannot/shoudn't do that and that you must manage
> proxmox 2.x by the means provided by the product, after a careful
> reading of the documentation. You cannot pretend to manage a Windows 7
> PC in the same way you were used with Windows 95.
> > It's just what I need for now...
> > Is there some line to set on corosync or pacemaker??
> > Where?
> I already posted links to official documentation. If you read the
> documents you'll find the answer to your questions. If you don't
> understand something written on the docs then ask for clarifications,
> but please read it before asking question already answered there.
> Start from here:
> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Two-Node_High_Availability_Cluster
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