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On 07/28/2012 04:45 PM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Ok OK...
> I get and I agree with every single word....
> But, the more important to me now is know that: HOW CAN PACEMAKER OR

Why should you trigger a script? To restart the virtual machines on the
node alive? If this is your need I can only point you again to the
documentation. It's Proxmox itself, using the corosync services, that
takes care of restarting the machine on the node alive.

If your need is for other scripts (i.e. you must switch an IP from one
node to another or such other things) then you can modify the
configuration of corosync-pve in the same way you'd do with corosync but
changing configs (IIRC, I cannot check right now) under the /etc/pve tree.

> Here I have two hardware, and I set DRBD to work as Primary/Primary
> mode, right?


> What I need, is that corosync or pacemaker, trigger a script on my
> "alive" hardware, in case of failure... You see???

No, I cannot see.... My understanding is that you would like to manage
proxmox 2.x in the same manner you would have done with proxmox 1.9.
My point is that you cannot/shoudn't do that and that you must manage
proxmox 2.x by the means provided by the product, after a careful
reading of the documentation. You cannot pretend to manage a Windows 7
PC in the same way you were used with Windows 95.

> It's just what I need for now...
> Is there some line to set on corosync or pacemaker??
> Where?

I already posted links to official documentation. If you read the
documents you'll find the answer to your questions. If you don't
understand something written on the docs then ask for clarifications,
but please read it before asking question already answered there.

Start from here:

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