[PVE-User] win2000 sp4 guest does not start with kvm enabled option?

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 16:44:34 CET 2012

Hi all,

I have a standalone machine with proxmox 2.2 installed for testing purposes.
I tried to p2v 3 win2000 servers which I have in production successfully by
using the steps on the wiki.
Although I have the following strange behavior:

All 3 guest machines stop loading at the first splash screen which says:
Windows 2000 Starting up...
They don't give any BSOD, just stay there forever.
If I disable the KVM option from web interface and start the guests again
they load normally but very slowly though.

Is this the expected behavior with windows 2000? Tried also disabling acpi
with no results...
I have to mention that I don't have this problem with XP or Win2003 guests.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you
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