[PVE-User] Snapshot with vzdump including RAM.

Ola Karlsson olka at bagheera.se
Fri Dec 7 16:30:24 CET 2012

For applications running on the virtual machine as SQL etc "usually not a problem" is not good enough for me.
If you have transactions that haven't been committed in ram and you "cut the power" you're in a world of hurt.

Then again, backup of these services should be handled by the guest and not the host.


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Le 07/12/2012 15:09, "[SOLTECSIS] Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó" a écrit :
> I believe that the snapshot mode of the vzdump command is useless if 
> it is not possible to include the RAM into the dump because if we 
> restore the virtual machine from this dump without the RAM, the 
> restored virtual machine will be in inconsistent status.
> I'm I right?
It's not useless, it would be the same as if the server had a hard reset at the moment of the snapshot (electric shortage for example) so datas will be consistent but daemons might not like it (database server might have to do a crash recovery at start for example but its usually not a problem as files wont be corrupted at FS level).
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