[PVE-User] Offering my help

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sun Feb 27 09:52:01 CET 2011

> - I tried to download the sources from ftp://pve.proxmox.com (found here :
> http://forum.proxmox.com/archive/index.php/t-389.html), without success. Is
> the server down or are the sources stored elsewhere ?


> - Also, what is the prefered contribution medium ? Patches ? Direct commit to
> the repository (which I couldn't find either) ?


> - Is Proxmox a perl-only project ? Or do you accept other languages ?

Proxmox VE consisto of several packages. Some are written in C, some are 
written in Perl.

> What I'd like to work on is :
> - Shared storage (NFS) for OpenVZ containers

Support for multiple storages in OpenVZ would be great. But that is more or
less unrelated to Proxmox. So please contact the OpenVZ maintainers if you want to
implement that. Or does quota already work with NFS?

> - High Availability for OpenVZ container (the VMware way : just restart
> containers when their host goes down)

Please wait until we have 2.0 released. It will have the basic infrastructure to do such things.



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