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Greetings friend.
thanks for replying: D!

(if I do not understand well, maybe it's my native language Spanish and use
google translator)

I want to do is simple.
have a third CPU dedicated to backup.

reading, I discovered FreeNAS.

and install and it seems to me the best.

The next question is how to configure a iscsi?

Proxmox seems simple in

but FreeNAS server side, I have no knowledge of how to achieve it (iSCSI is
a new concept for me)

Díaz Luis
TSU Analisis de Sistemas
Universidad de Carabobo

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2011/2/24 Flavio Stanchina <flavio.stanchina at ies.it>

On 20/02/2011 6:11,
> Luis Díaz <diazluis2007 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have the following forum thread:
>> http://forum.proxmox.com/threads/5777-backup-in-cluster-!
>> basically I have a cluster with multiple nodes.
>> where I can program all the VPS backup that are on the different
>> machines that make up the cluster, on some specific computers that form
>> the cluster which have more disk capacity.
>> example:
>> Graphically speaking:
>> CPU "A" (master):  5 vps running
>> CPU "B" (Node 1):  3 VPS running
>> CPU "C" (Node 2): 2TB capacity,
>> how? schedule backups of CPU A and B, to be stored in the CPU C, on a
>> scheduled
> Let me see if I understand what you have and what you want.
> * nodes A and B are running some VMs, but don't have much storage space
> * node C is not running VMs and has plenty of storage
> * you want to store backups on node C
> * you don't have shared storage (iSCSI, NFS, etc.) between the nodes
> It's not possible to create backups from one node on the storage of another
> node. You need to export the storage available on C (with NFS, iSCSI or
> whatever else you'll find comfortable), then access that storage on nodes A
> and B.
> The simplest solution would be to create a separate partition on C, export
> it via NFS and mount it as type "backup" on all the nodes. Of course node C
> will not need to access it through NFS.
> Another solution would be to create a VM on C with all the storage space
> you want to use for backups, then install OpenFiler in it and use it to
> export that storage. While this might be easier to understand, as the
> storage appears as a separate server, I don't think it makes sense to backup
> the VMs in another VM.
>  Proxmox graphical interface blocks the creation of "storage" and
>> "backup" in the CPU B and C
> Please explain exactly what you tried to do.
>  I apologize if this a bit complicated, but my language is Spanish and I
>> use google translator to communicate.
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> Flavio Stanchina
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> Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are,
> by definition, not smart enough to debug it.
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