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do you have also a solution to move the data finally to a tape (vzdump - backuppc- tape?)?
storing backups on disk is not enough in most cases, just think of accounting regulations, etc.

br, martin

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I think that you will find that if you take one snap shot every couple of weeks and pair that with a incremental backup soultion (I use backuppc) you will find that to be really elegant solution. I stagger my vzdump images so that two get taken per night and pair that with backuppc. It works I have had to restore a couple times and the process is easy, just restore the recent image with vzdump then click the restore button on backuppc.

Hope that helps,
/-\ ndrew
On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 8:32 AM, Adam <adam at blackfoot.co.uk<mailto:adam at blackfoot.co.uk>> wrote:
Thanks for your reply.

We do appreciate, and agree with, the intent to not implement a full backup solution. However I think there is perhaps a space between third party backup solutions and the ability to do OpenVZ/Proxmox specific backups on a per container level.

We currently have a third party solution to incrementally backup the entire proxmox hosts, but do miss this ability to easily restore a specific container, which is where our thoughts are coming from.

As mentioned in my original email we effectively just want to replace the final 'tar' part of the vzdump from LVM snapshot to an archive, with an rsync to a dir. Rather than re-implement the entire process we perhaps think this would be best suited somewhere within the vzdump code, making use of the existing LVM snapshot/storage models internal to Proxmox.

I think perhaps we'll look at putting something together for our specific purposes, see how things work out in terms of performance, and then look at the possibility of contributing a patch if things work well.

- Adam

On 03/03/2010 12:38, Martin Maurer wrote:
You are on the right list (there is only one in the moment).

We do not think that Proxmox VE (vzdump) should be a full backup solutions, there are already a lot of them around with millions of features. The project will focus on the core (Virtualization&  Management). If you keep the container small, vzdump works quite well - use bind mounts to include the big data parts.

Just think of Bacula and also other open source solution - vzdump can never cover all this. I would use a combination of a backup and vzdump, you already went this way.

But yes, we accept patches and enhancements for vzdump, I suggest you post in detail what you plan here (before you start implementing)  and you can post patches or if needed, you can get access to svn also.

Br, Martin

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