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Wed Mar 3 13:38:18 CET 2010

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> Hello,
> We are running into a few issues with Proxmox's built in backups. We
> use
> the snapshot option for OpenVZ containers, but are finding that it is
> impossible to run regular (say daily) snapshots of large containers due
> to the time taken to generate the archive. This is most obvious on
> large
> containers, with lots of maildirs containing large amounts of small
> files.
> Whilst we currently also use a commercial backup solution which works
> well, we think incremental backups would be a nice addition to vzdump.
> Our idea is for a new vzdump 'incremental' snapshot to rsync the LVM
> snapshot to an output directory, rather than tar file. Subsequent
> backups can then just rsync changed files from the LVM snapshot to the
> directory.
> Therefore our questions are:
> - Is anything like this already planned for a future release?
> - If not, would proxmox be open to patches if we were to look into
> implementing this? We exclusively use OpenVZ containers and are
> therefore unsure of the impact to the KVM side.
> Apologies if this is not the correct place for this discussion, I was
> unable to find a development list.

You are on the right list (there is only one in the moment).

We do not think that Proxmox VE (vzdump) should be a full backup solutions, there are already a lot of them around with millions of features. The project will focus on the core (Virtualization & Management). If you keep the container small, vzdump works quite well - use bind mounts to include the big data parts.

Just think of Bacula and also other open source solution - vzdump can never cover all this. I would use a combination of a backup and vzdump, you already went this way.  

But yes, we accept patches and enhancements for vzdump, I suggest you post in detail what you plan here (before you start implementing)  and you can post patches or if needed, you can get access to svn also. 

Br, Martin
> Many thanks,
> Adam
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