[PVE-User] Incremental vzdump

Adam adam at blackfoot.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 12:53:54 CET 2010


We are running into a few issues with Proxmox's built in backups. We use 
the snapshot option for OpenVZ containers, but are finding that it is 
impossible to run regular (say daily) snapshots of large containers due 
to the time taken to generate the archive. This is most obvious on large 
containers, with lots of maildirs containing large amounts of small files.

Whilst we currently also use a commercial backup solution which works 
well, we think incremental backups would be a nice addition to vzdump. 
Our idea is for a new vzdump 'incremental' snapshot to rsync the LVM 
snapshot to an output directory, rather than tar file. Subsequent 
backups can then just rsync changed files from the LVM snapshot to the 

Therefore our questions are:
- Is anything like this already planned for a future release?
- If not, would proxmox be open to patches if we were to look into 
implementing this? We exclusively use OpenVZ containers and are 
therefore unsure of the impact to the KVM side.

Apologies if this is not the correct place for this discussion, I was 
unable to find a development list.

Many thanks,

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