[PVE-User] [OpenVZ, network] clarification of adding another network interface

Timh B timh at shiwebs.net
Wed Sep 23 12:53:00 CEST 2009


I've noticed a similar missing feature in the webinterface, add another
interface to a guest on another bridge.

For example:

vmbr0 = public network
vmbr1 = private network

- Create guest, choose >one< vmbr from a list if using venet option.

- When the guest is created you have no easy option to >add< a network
interface, neither as described below in Patryk's example or on another

So, to add an interface, I use the following;

1. Create an additional veth interface to the hostmachine: brctl addif
vmbrX veth<VID>.X

2. Activate the interface: ip link set veth<VID>.X up

3. Add the interface to the guest: vzctl set <VID> --netif_add ethX
veth<VID>.X vmbrX --save

4. Configure the interface in the guest; ip a a X.X.X.X dev ethX or use
/etc/network/interfaces + ifup ..

To bad I dont really know if it "sticks" for migration or through reboots
yet, havent tried. But it works.

This would be awesome if it was a part of the default proxmox webinterface.

Best Regards,

> Hi all,
> I wanted to add next venet interface to my guest machine. I was looking
> for such an option in network configuration of guest machine, in proxmox
> web interface but could not find anything like "add new eth"...
> After googling for a while, how to add/delete additional network
> interfaces to guest machine (venet0:0, venet0:1) i found options like:
> # vzctl set 101 --ipadd --save
> # vzctl set 101 --ipdel
> and managed to add next venet interface, and it works OK. Now, after i
> did this, I have noticed, that in guest net config, in the field "IP
> address" there are "IP_1, IP_2". Thus now i know i could and should have
> do this using web interface.
> 	My point is, that maybe it is worth to show examples in web interface?
> In this case there could be something like:
> "( Example: [,, next_ip_addr] )"
> below IP_addr field.
> 	Those examples would be much help, especially for new users.
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