[PVE-User] [DRBD,Virtualbox,VDesktop] welcome and questions

Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Wed Sep 9 15:00:46 CEST 2009

> After 1.4 beta1 (same Kernel) we will go soon for 1.4 beta2 with new
> Kernel including some new drivers and also DRBD 8.3.2 or 8.3.3 (if its
> released soon). But there is no automatic configuration for DRBD via
> web interface in this beta2. We plan (for KVM) to have LVM on top of
> DRBD (primary/primary) - first test looks promising but nothing fixed
> yet.
Great! Which cluster-aware file system do you plan to use on top of LVM?

> I implemented Proxmox VE on some small companies together with the
> server edition (version 2)  of the free virtualization product of the
> market leader, main reason was to get access to the tape drive inside
> a windows guest. It works since months but this is not really a good
> way and has to be considered as workaround. I never tried virtualbox
> on Proxmox VE, but I remember some managed this to work also without
> problems.
uhm... I feel like you are not comfortable with discussion here (this
mysterious product V2). Can I ask you some more details about this on
private email?

> Better buy a new hardware, much better performance, lower heat, lower
> power consumption and at the end lower costs also.
I will, as i said, this is my test environment :) The main problem is, I
have to prove this solution worth spending money to my manager - then i
can get some funds :(

> Desktop virtualization is a big topic. I really like terminal servers
> much more, as you can have here hundreds of clients on just one
> server. You will never reach such numbers if you have desktop
> virtualization (one instance per user) - on the same hardware you can
> run 20 or 30 desktops, not more. I talk here about windows terminal
> services (and the addons like citrix) and also about linux terminal
> servers (like http://www.x2go.org or nxserver).
Hmm... I didn't know that- i am a newbie in this topic. Thank you for
your input. Looks like i will follow this path with TS.
	I do not follow microsoft's products (i use them only if I am forced to
do so). Is there TS which serves "desktops" which looks like winXP?

> And you need to have a reliable protocol to access the virtual
> desktop.
Anything wrong with RDP?

>  In the next month a lot of new things will appear (e.g. spice
> protocol, open sourced by redhat)
I will take a look at this.

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