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> Hello,
> first of all i need to tell you that I am in love with Proxmox. It is
> Debian based(most important!), works out of the box, has KVM & OpenVZ
> support, clustering. Almost all one could need. Thank you for putting
> all this parts together.
>         Just a few things i couldn't find on wiki or on the roadmap for
> future development:
> 1. Is or will DRBD component be Active/Active?

After 1.4 beta1 (same Kernel) we will go soon for 1.4 beta2 with new Kernel including some new drivers and also DRBD 8.3.2 or 8.3.3 (if its released soon). But there is no automatic configuration for DRBD via web interface in this beta2. We plan (for KVM) to have LVM on top of DRBD (primary/primary) - first test looks promising but nothing fixed yet.
> 2. My test bed consist of 2 IBM x3250 with simple CPUs without VT. I
> would like to test how other OS behave on Proxmox. Is there any way to
> pair Proxmox with, lets say Virtualbox, instead of KVM/OpenVZ to tes
> windows?

I implemented Proxmox VE on some small companies together with the server edition (version 2)  of the free virtualization product of the market leader, main reason was to get access to the tape drive inside a windows guest. It works since months but this is not really a good way and has to be considered as workaround. I never tried virtualbox on Proxmox VE, but I remember some managed this to work also without problems.

Better buy a new hardware, much better performance, lower heat, lower power consumption and at the end lower costs also.

> 3. Is proxmox good solution to choose for desktop virtualization? (i
> will use CPUs with VT in production) or is it better suited for for
> servers?

There is no yes or no answer here.

Desktop virtualization is a big topic. I really like terminal servers much more, as you can have here hundreds of clients on just one server. You will never reach such numbers if you have desktop virtualization (one instance per user) - on the same hardware you can run 20 or 30 desktops, not more. I talk here about windows terminal services (and the addons like citrix) and also about linux terminal servers (like http://www.x2go.org or nxserver).

And you need to have a reliable protocol to access the virtual desktop. In the next month a lot of new things will appear (e.g. spice protocol, open sourced by redhat) but personally I do not see the big success of desktop virtualization in the near future - but maybe I am wrong.

Br, Martin 

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