[PVE-User] Best way to RAID1 a Proxmox VE server?

mykel at mWare.ca mykel at mWare.ca
Tue Mar 31 05:02:05 CEST 2009

Hi Theron, thanks for the anecdote... I am certainly familiar with RAIDs 
and their characteristics, my problem is that I'm out of touch with 
Linux specifically - spent too much time in FreeBSD lately.

I'm moreso looking for a 'how-to' for mirroring the second drive in my 
PVE server... hopefully without any extended downtime or reloading of 
the OS being required.

Suggestion for the bare-metal installer - provide RAID1'ing as an 
option? I understand the LVM/PV jazz makes it possible to do this after 
the fact, but it'd sure be nice to have it from the get-go :)


Theron T. Trout wrote:
> Hi Myke,
> I setup a Proxmox VE server with 6 SCSI drivers in RAID 1+0 (stripped
> and mirrored).  It was a total of 1.2TB and it was blazing fast.  We
> configured a second, near identical, Proxmox machine and initially
> didn't setup the same RAID configuration and it was considerably slower.
>  The speed difference was most startling with Windows 2003 KVM clients,
> particularly during boot.  The RAID 1+0 setup was a lot faster than the
> other machine.  Unfortunately, I don't recall how it's RAID was
> initially configured.
> Unfortunately, we were under some tight deadlines, so I wasn't able to
> do any formal benchmarking before reconfiguring the slower machine.  If
> I ever get a chance to I'll try to pull some hard numbers, but I doubt
> I'll get to tear down one of the two machines any time soon.
> Hope that is helpful,
> Theron

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